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Lenson Pellouchoud
Graduate Student - Department of Materials Science and Engineering
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  • B.S. Materials Science, Brown University, 2008


Lenson majored in materials science and engineering at Brown University, where he studied water on carbon coatings with Prof. Sheldon’s group. The coolest thing he ever did was to fly in NASA’s C9-B with the Brown Space Club, attempting acoustic control of water droplets in zero gravity. He worked for two years in optoelectronics at NIST Boulder Labs, where he developed models for design of multilayer optical devices and processes for fabrication and characterization of superconducting alloys for use in single-photon detectors.

His graduate work so far consists of a TDDFT study of the relationship between optical properties and chemistry in shocked nitromethane, and an effort to control molecular structures in the ground state using strong terahertz pulses within Ehrenfest dynamics.

As of fall 2012, he is a NSTRF fellow working on computational models for complex and composite materials in extreme conditions, with the goal of enabling exploration of presently inaccessible environments.


Pellouchoud, L. A., Reed, E. J., Optical Characterization of Chemistry in Shocked Nitromethane with Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 117, 12288-12298, doi:10.1021/jp406877g (2013).

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